Ukulele in the Classroom book 1 C6 Tuning - Teacher Ed. - Q01TC

  • Ukulele in the Classroom book 1 C6 Tuning - Teacher Ed. - Q01TC
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Book 1 
Teacher Edition (C6). Change tuning. Tuning Help
Front Cover
Table of contents (.pdf)
FREE Sample Lesson (.pdf)
About the Teacher Editions

There's more to a Ukulele in the Classroom lesson than meets the eye. Many features of the Ukulele in the Classroom lessons are discussed only in the Teacher Edition so as to keep students focused on the material at hand and to keep the layout of the Student Editions uncluttered.


In the Teacher Edition, each lesson includes:

 Key teaching points
 Teaching strategies
 Suggested arrangements
 Expected learning outcomes
 Follow-up questions
 Suggestions for enrichment-level exercises and activities
 Answer keys
 Additional comments from the authors and more...

Teacher Edition sample 1 - click to enlarge Teacher Edition sample 2 - click to enlarge
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Teacher Editions also include an in-depth preface on teaching strategies, classroom setup, organization & management, performance standards, assessment, tuning, parental support, additional resources, and much more.

lie-flat spiral bind allows the Teacher Edition to stay open easily while you teach and an easy-to-follow layout shows a facsimile of the corresponding page from the Student Edition alongside the lesson notes.

Having a detailed and easy-to-follow lesson guide at your fingertips will make your learning environment a more enjoyable and rewarding place both for you and for your students. The companion Teacher Editions are a highly recommended resource for all those using the Ukulele in the Classroom series.

FREE Sample Lesson (.pdf)
Additional Resources (Free Downloads)

Teacher Book 1 of the James Hill Ukulele Method Series. UPC: 978098114332   ISBN: 978-0-9811433

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