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Replacement CD for The Complete Recorder Resource Kit 2 - Q3422
Replacement CD for The Complete Recorder Resource Kit 2 by Denise Gagne. ..
Rhythm Band Sing Along - Q41754
Teach basic singing and rhythmic reading with this versatile and practical collection. Simply sing in unison or add optional rhythm band parts (two or three per song) for additional levels of learning. Fifteen different classroom instruments are featured on American spirituals and folk songs, seasonal highlights, songs from other lands, and well-kn..
SKU: Q41754
Rhythm Writer - Q1032
Writing rhythms is even more engaging with this innovative software. Select from icon, stick, or standard notation, meters 2/4, 3/4, or 4/4, and when applicable, one of three sets of notation figures. Then drag the icons or notes to the beat boxes to create compositions. As students move from icon to stick to standard notation, the fun escalates wi..
SKU: Q1032
Rhythmic Kinesthetics - Q40096
Spirit of World Drumming - Rhythmic Kinesthetics by Jeff Stewart Fun, Percussion-based Activiites and Games for the Classroom. Grades 1-8 (all levels) DVD included. 100% Reproducible! Rhythmic Kinesthetics presents a series of games and activities incorporating music, movement, and motor skills that help express emotions, build concentration,..
SKU: Q40096
Rockin' Poppin' Classroom: Teacher Edition - Q140881
  Your students “will rock you” as they play these classic songs in the classroom and beyond! Grab ukuleles, guitars, unpitched percussion, Orff instruments and recorders to play arrangements written for young musicians in Grades 4-8. The Teacher Edition features full scores of eac..
SKU: Q140881
Salsa, Soul & Swing - Q9159
SALSA, SOUL & SWING – Dances for kids "Get On Your Feet!" Four popular Salsa dances, five grat Soul choreographed classics, and three Swing tunes for boogying to the fabulous big band sound of the 40's. These dances have been created for children ages 4-10. They are easy to do, and will energize kids to enjoy many benefits such as, socializa..
SKU: Q9159
Show us a song! - Q39017
Show us a song! offers a truly immersive approach to singing that embraces music, drama, movement, staging and performance – the Lin Marsh way! Structured around ten original songs on a range of school topics, this book offers teachers a treasure trove of ideas and activities to develop musicianship, creativity, literacy, and general knowledge and ..
SKU: Q39017
Silly and Serious - Q1023
This book is part of the Busy Bodies, Busy Brains series by Mari Schay. For pre-school to early elementary education. This book covers singing, playing instruments, and movement. Comes with CD. Songs in this book are Hey, Lidey - My Aunt Came Back - Fooba Wooba John - Aiken Drum - Crooked Little Man - Looby Loo - Tacky the Penguin - Bubble..
SKU: Q1023
Sing & Learn about Science - Q10072
Sing & Learn about Science – Science Fun for Young Children by Irene Follman and Helen Jackson Music makes learning about science easy and fun. Here are important songs to inspire children to learn new ideas and help them to become aware of the extraordinary nature of life. Each song will add a new dimension to children's awareness, understa..
SKU: Q10072
Sittercise - Q22045
You can sit and stay fit! Sitting around has never been thought of as fun by a great many children and most adults. It's all a matter of what you do while sitting. This Sittercise program is designed for use with the young, old and physically challenged. Stretching, warm-ups, near-aerobic activities, cool-downs and relaxa..
SKU: Q22045
Songs about Native Americans - Q29132
Songs about Native Americans by Lois Skiera- Zucek Shar a song of long aog and today – a look into the cultures and the history of Native Americans. Share their customs, their love of music, their expressive art; learn about their food, life in a village and the Circle of Life that is so dearly cherished. This recording honors Native Americans t..
SKU: Q29132
Sound Stories Round the Year - Q42788
It's storybook time in music class! This useful collection adds instrument playing and sound exploration to well-known literature. The 16 sound stories have been thoughtfully organized by season, providing a choice for every month of the school year. Included are "The Spider and the Fly," "The Legend of the Poinsettia," "Babe, the Blue Ox," "The To..
SKU: Q42788
Star Search - Singer's Edition 5 Pack - Q21659
Star Search - Singer's Edition 5 Pack. Recommended for Grades 3 and up. Performance time: approximately 25 minutes. Star Search was written by Janet Gardner and arranged by Jay Althouse. The recording was orchestrated and produced by Alan Billingsley. Synopsis: What happens when the sun takes a well-deserved vacation? Find out in Star Search..
SKU: Q21659
Teach Music Reading with Boomwhackers - Q345
Teach Music Reading with Boomwhakers by Denise Gagne. Includes Teacher's guide with songs and teaching suggestions Projectable Boomwhacker notation with embedded audio Worksheets to teach, reinforce and assess music reading Accompaniment Tracks You've had sets of Boomwhackers® forever, but what do you do with them? In this resou..
SKU: Q345
Teaching Music Across History - Q40099
Teaching Music Across History by Valeaira Luppens and Greg Foreman An outstanding resource for educators, Teaching Music Across History will help your students understand the ways that music and the arts reflect our culture and how historical events have shaped our civilization and customs. Reproducible student pages are included, making lessons..
SKU: Q40099
Teaching Music Across the Curriculum - Q37478
Teaching Music Across the Curriculum by Valeaira Luppens and Greg Foreman. This innovative music teaching tool supports students' learning needs while increasing critical and higher level thinking skills in students' developing brains. By using the authors' inventive teaching techniques, music educators can create musical meaning while simultane..
SKU: Q37478
Teaching Music Through Art - Q39588
An outstanding resource for educators, Teaching Music Through Art will help your students understand the ways that music and the arts reflect our culture. Reproducible student pages are included, making lessons a snap to prepare, keeping students actively engaged, and allowing for easy assessment. The accompanying CD contains listening examples of ..
SKU: Q39588
Technology in Today's Music Classroom - Q898
Technology in Today's Music Classroom: Active Music Making with Tablets, Projectors, Computers and Interactive Whiteboards by Manju Durairaj. 111 pages. Detailed instructions and screenshots for using tablets, projectors, whiteboards and computers for active music making in the classroom. Expand learning possibilities wi..
SKU: Q898
The Bucket Book - Q42853
The Bucket Book is a groundbreaking new resource for elementary and middle school general music classes. This inventive program is designed to help teachers and students discover the joy of creating music and the fun of using homemade or found instruments to do so. Fully reproducible, and including a Data CD with thirty MP3s of musical examples and..
SKU: Q42853
The Essence of Brazilian Percussion & Drum Set - Q3920CD
The Essence of Brazilian Percussion & Drum Set by Ed Uribe Book and CD A study of the language of Brazilian rhythms and song styles. Part I deals exclusively with Brazilian percussion instruments, with a description of each instrument and its rhythms, song styles, techniques, and applications. Part II addresses the drum set. Each rhythm i..
SKU: Q3920CD
The Hal Leonard Handbell Method - Q842
The Hal Leonard Handbell Method by Beverly Simpson. For three octaves of handbells or tonechimes. 64 pages, 13 songs and a very handy Index of Terms on the inside back cover. The Hal Leonard Handbell Method is designed for anyone just learning to ring handbells. Whether you're an experienced musician or you don't read music at ..
SKU: Q842
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