• GMP 10" Easy Clean Tubolo Drum - TUBO10-1C

One of the most versatile hand drums yet. The Tubolo features Groove Masters' trademark AirDrum system of vents along the bottom of the drum. This allows the drum to project sound without the need to tilt or place the drum onto a stand, and makes for a lightweight drum. The internal, specially designed Bass Port creates deep and resonant bass tones. 

The playing surface is made from Napa vinyl, which creates a mellow sound and is easy on the hands. 

This is the 10" with the Baliku Blue Sarong finish.

Interested in sets? Purchase 3 drums for a 10% discount, or 4 drums for a 12% discount!
-> For this special offer, please contact us at: [email protected] 

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GMP 10" Easy Clean Tubolo Drum - TUBO10-1C

  • $200.00