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    EMUS diatonic soprano metallophone - ESM-16
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EMUS soprano diatonic and chromatic metallophone set - ESM-25

Price: $348.00 $174.00
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Brand: EMUS
Product Code: ESM-25
Availability: In Stock

EMUS Orff is superbly crafted. Solidly constructed resonator boxes are fitted with perfectly-tuned aluminum bars. Bar storage and damper bars are standard. Will blend with any other Orff line. Note range: C5-A6. Also includes 1x Bb, 2 x F#s and 2 pairs mallets. Comes with storage for chromatic bars. C5-A6 with 1 Bb and 2 F# bars. 1 pair of mallets included

The addition of an EMUS Soprano Chromatic Metallophone Add-On converts your diatonic metallophone into a full chromatic instrument.

Each resonator box is solidly constructed and fitted with perfectly-tuned aluminum bars. Damper bar, two F# bars and a Bb bar are included with each instrument.

Dimensions: 26" long, 9 3/8" wide, 6 3/4" high.

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