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Cat Guiro with Whistle 4" tall - G-CAT4
This little guiro is a work of art. It sounds great as an instrument and makes an adorable desk ornament. Meticulously hand carved in Thailand from selected hardwoods. 4" tall, comes with guiro stick. Scrape the cat's back for a traditional guiro sound or blow as a high-pitch whistle. ..
Elephant Whistle - G-ELEPH4
This elephant is two whistles in one! When blown from the back it produces a high squeak, and makes a lower tone when blown from the front. A great ornament for your desk or shelf.  Hand carved in Thailand from selected hardwoods. The whistles are 4" to the elephant's back, and 7.5" to the tip of his trunk.  ..
Kazobo - KZB-1
The Kazoobie KaZobo is the largest and loudest kazoo. Based on the Zobo of the early 1900's, this horn-like kazoo has dual resonators that enhance the vibration and project the sound through the nearly 10" horn. It's part kazoo and part zobo,which is why it is called the KaZobo. Colors may vary. Made by Kazoobie in the USA. ..
Kazoobie Kazoogle - KAZG-1
Combine a kazoo and a bugle and you get - The Kazoobie Kazoogle! With the colorful Bugle Bell added to the top quality, Made in the USA, Kazoobie Kazoos, you can lead the parade. ..
Whistling Monkey 6" - G-MONK6
This little whistle is a work of art! When blown it produces a high squeak, or monkey screech and makes an adorable desk ornament sitting on a stack of books or hanging from your music stand. Meticulously hand carved in Thailand from selected hardwoods. Overall length 6".  ..
EMUS slide whistle - E345
Easy-to-play, has wide tone range, produces glissando effects. 25cm overall length. Plastic construction ..
SKU: E345
Based on 1 reviews.
The Wazoo - WAZ-1
The LOUD kazoo by Kazoobie. ..
Metal kazoo - E333
Plays any tune you can hum, made from metal (colours may vary). 12cm overall length. ..
SKU: E333
Plastic kazoo by Kazoobie - E330
Plays any tune you can hum. The resonator is made from a unique high-tech polyethylene plastic paper that is louder and longer lasting than most kazoos. Best of all, Kazoobie kazoos are waterproof* and washable! Made in the USA from polypropylene plastic (colours vary). 12cm overall length. Recommended for ages 3 and up. *we tried it - ..
SKU: E330
Based on 1 reviews.
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