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DIDJ-BOX3 - didj-box3
Compact unit produces the sound of a full-sized didgeridoo! The Didj-Box3 is a compact brown hardwood unit that weighs 424 gms and is easily stored. Although only 12cm wide, 23cm long and 4cm high, humming into this unit produces the sound of a full-sized 5 foot didgeridoo! It's really quite remarkable! ..
James Hill - Man With a Love Song CD - QBCD207
Man With a Love Song: audio CD by James Hill released in 2011. Songs include: 1. Hand Over My Heart (J. Hill) 2. Any Old Lover (J. Hill) 3. High Demand (J. Hill) 4. Lying In Wait (J. Hill) 5. Assam / Like a Bird (J. Hill) 6. The Satisfactory Waltz (J. Hill) 7. Soap and Water (J. Hill) 8. What Would You Have Me Do? (J. Hill) 9. Indecision Rag (J. Hi..
Chromatic Ukulele Tuner - BC-900
Auto Ukulele, Banjo, Mandolin, Chromatic and manual mode tuner. Liquid crystal display. Internal mic for acoustic instruments. Pitch button for pitch adjustment. Note button for tuning note selection in manual mode, Mode button for auto mode selection. Input jack for electric instruments. Tilt back stand. Tuning range A0-C8. Requires 2 AAA batterie..
SKU: BC-900
Drawstring Bag - 4 pack - BPC2022
A set of 4 drawstring bags for many uses: organization, gift wrap, storage. 4 different sizes, different designs. Small 10"x 10", medium 11.5"x10.5",  large 14"x10.5", extra-large 16"x13". Exact sizes and designs may vary. Toggle-style closures.   ..
SKU: BPC2022
EMUS blue soprano ukulele - ECU-6000
There are three different tunings. GCEA (traditional My dog has fleas),ADF#B, the A is the A below middle C and Low GCEA, The G is the G below middle C. Please specify tuning required. ..
SKU: ECU-6000
EMUS composer pencils 12 pack - EM8029
SKU: EM8029
EMUS pencil gift pack - EM8032
Pencil gift pack containing 6 music themed pencils with erasers, a pencil sharpener, a ruler and a clip. ..
SKU: EM8032
$12.98 $9.09
EMUS pink soprano ukulele - ECU-4000
There are three different tunings. GCEA (traditional My dog has fleas),ADF#B, the A is the A below middle C and Low GCEA, The G is the G below middle C. Please specify tuning required. ..
SKU: ECU-4000
EMUS red soprano ukulele - ECU-5000
There are three different tunings. GCEA (traditional My dog has fleas),ADF#B, the A is the A below middle C and Low GCEA, The G is the G below middle C. Please specify tuning required. ..
SKU: ECU-5000
Family Pack (5 instruments) - J503
Includes: Gourd Scraper w/Rasp, Three Pod Shaker, Double Bell w/Striker, Frame Drum, Large Coconut Claves plus The Road to Jamtown Activity Guide and a travel bag. ..
SKU: J503
Finger Cajon savings bank - J0222
Cajon means "(musical) box" and in this case -a very small musical box. With your fingers you can tap out righteous rhythms and also save your pennies. 17cm (6 3/4") x 10cm (4") x (8cm) (3 1/4".)   ..
SKU: J0222
Fret marker decals for Guitar - Space Invaders in Pearly Silver - JIS-85
Fret marker inlay decal stickers in pearly silver are sized to cover standard 5mm (0.2inch) fret dots. Suitable for guitars of any size.  Easily highlight your appreciation of the classic "Space Invaders" video game on your guitar with this package of 17 decorative inlay-look decals.&nb..
$7.99 $5.59
Guitar humidifier - EGH
This humidifier is designed to protect your guitar in the driest conditions. Suspended by the string, the humidifier releases moisture evenly and slowly inside you instrument. Fill with distilled water about once a month or when needed. Distilled water should be used, not tap water. ..
Hand Bell Cookie Cutter - AT1059
Hand bell-shaped cookie cutter is 3.5" (9.5cm) long and 1" (2.54cm) high. These are very nicely designed and finished cookie cutters made in the USA of tinplate steel. The sharp metal cutting edge makes them ideal not only for cookies, but for clay, dough and shaped sandwiches.  Cookie cutter care: Wash and thoroughly dry your cooki..
SKU: AT1059
Melodies for C Pan Drums - LIGM16
Melodies for C Pan drums. Music notated by: Merle Albino de Coteau and performed on the C Pan by Dane Gulston. Includes CD and Booklet. ..
Music Cross-Cultural Explorations CD-ROM: The Middle East and West Africa - Q102
Music Cross-Cultural Explorations CD-ROM: The Middle East & West Africa by Bonita Butchart Smith and Daniel Tones, with original music by Hugh Fraser and J.Chalmers Doane, and Slit-drum plans and TechEd lessons by Bruce Reid. This CD-ROM introduces an interdisciplinary approach to music in Middle School and Junior High School that involves c..
SKU: Q102
$5.00 $3.50
Musical Instrument Colouring Book - Q198757
Explore the pages of the Musical Instrument Coloring Book and unleash your inner artist! Illustrations adapted by Clare Cerullo. Featuring: Forty-six illustrations of musical instruments (band,wind,world,etc) Single-sided printing on high-quality 8 x 11" paper to reduce the chance of bleed-through Perforated, removable sheets ..
SKU: Q198757
Old Torch inlay decal - Abalone Blue - JIS-111
The old torch inlay decal in the Abalone blue colorway is a good size for the headstock or body of your guitar or bass.  Easily add an extra dimension to your guitar or bass with decorative, inlay-look decals. Inlay decals are made from PET, and are only 0.07mm (or 0.00276 inches) thick. - When appli..
$4.99 $3.49
The Electric Blues Box Slide Guitar- Q175501
This is a great gift! Anyone can be a blues guitar player with The Electric Blues Box SlideGuitar. By playing along with the blues box guitar and backing band, you'll hear the chord changes and become failiar with the techniques, so your songs are perfect every time! This complete kit contains everything you need to become a Blues Box Guitar ..
SKU: Q175501
The Wazoo - WAZ-1
The LOUD kazoo by Kazoobie. ..
Tree of Life Woody fretboard inlay decal for Soprano ukulele - JIS-51
This Tree of Life fretboard inlay decal sticker is a simulated wood pattern in a medium tan. It looks like ash or aged spruce.  The decal is sized to fit nicely between the frets of a standard 21" soprano ukulele. (If you have a custom uke you may need to make minor adjustments as you apply the decals.) ..
$12.75 $8.93
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