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EMUS 8-Note Resonator Bell set - ERB-8
8-note diatonic resonator bells are colour-matched to the Boomwhacker sets. Specially-designed chambers for great resonance. Bars are engraved with note names. C6-C7 Set includes a translucent green plastic case and mallets. Bells may be played within the case, set out on a table, or held in your hand. A great way to expand your Boomwhacker fun!..
EMUS 8-Note Chime Bar set - ECB-8
8-note diatonic chime bars are color-matched to the Boomwhacker sets for even more fun! ..
EMUS 8-note junior handbell set - JHB-8
8 colour-coded bells. Bright colour-coded bell set. Note identification on each bell. True, clear tone. 8 notes C6-C7. Each bell 5"(13cm) high. ..
EMUS 13-note bell set with push buttons - JHB-13
Junior handbells with an added feature. Can be placed on a flat surface and the bells can be played by pushing down on the knob on the top of the handle, or they can be played the traditional way like a handbell. Great for playing chords! 13 chromatic colour-coded bells. Note identification on each bell. Beautiful true, clear tone. 13 notes C6-C7 ..
Copper colour junior hand bells, 8 note set - JHBG-8
8 note set of copper-coloured junior handbells. These bells are designed to be played like traditional handbells. Bells have a plastic rest so that they may be placed conveniently on a table. The large clapper is directional to allow for a loud single strike. 8 note set in the range C6-C7. Each bell is 5" high and 3" across. ..
EMUS 25-note alto resonator bell set,(G4 - G6) - E864
25-note alto chromatic resonator bell set, individual removable tone bars. Finest quality high alloy bell steel. Select ABS plastic chambers for hi-fidelity resonance. Electronically tuned for perfect tone. Complete with solid, plush lined carrying case and 25 hard rubber mallets. ..
SKU: E864
EMUS 8-note alto stepbells C5-C6 - EASB-8
Diatonic resonator bells with mallets and step ladder. White bars on red boxes. ..
EMUS 8-note soprano stepbells C6-C7 - ESSB-8
Diatonic resonator bells with mallets and step ladder. Colored bars on red boxes. ..
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EMUS Individual Resonator Bell A5 - IBA5
Individual resonator bell A5. White bell on red box, supplied with 1 mallet. 5 3/4"(15cm) long 1"(3cm) across. ..
EMUS Individual Resonator Bell A6 - IBA6
Individual resonator bell A6. White bell on red box, supplied with 1 mallet. 4" (10cm) long, 1" (3cm) wide. ..
EMUS Individual Resonator Bell D5 - IBD5
Individual resonator bell D5. White bell on red box, supplied with 1 mallet. "(17.5cm) long, 1"(3cm) wide. ..
EMUS Individual Resonator Bell D6 - IBD6
Individual resonator bell D6. White bell on red box, supplied with 1 mallet. 5"(12.5cm) long, 1"(3cm) wide. ..
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