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Tree of Life Drum - J057

Price: $45.00
SKU: J057
Brand: - - -
Product Code: J057
Availability: In Stock

This traditional style drum is played at ceremonies and celebrations. Varying in size the drums we carry in this style are 9" (23cm) x 2.5" (6cm). Made in Indonesia from Goat skin with a Mango wood frame, the beautiful batik design is artwork you play. Looks as good as it sounds! Includes 1 ball stick.

To play: Hold the frame in one hand and slap the fingers of the free hand just inside the rim to produce a 'tone' sound. Bounce your palm in the middle for a 'base' sound. Pressing the drum skin with the fingers of your first hand, while striking the drum 'chokes' the sound. Use the single drum stick for a louder beat. Traditionally, this drum is only played by hand.

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