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Sound effects

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Didj-box - DIDJ-BOX - didj-box -
Compact unit produces the sound of a full-sized didgeridoo! The Didj-Box is a compact black plastic unit that weighs less than half a kilogram and is easily stored. Although only 13cm wide, 23cm long and 4cm high, humming into this unit produces the sound of a full-sized 5 foot didgeridoo! It's really quite remarkable! ..
MEINL - Cone
CONE-STACK The MEINL Cone-Stack is a fourchambered shaker with some wild characteristics. Two balanced chambers are connected with a center screw, and may be played as a pair, or as one shaker. As a pair, they have a high and a low side, plus an open bell, also tuned high and low. They can be played like maracas. Screw them together, and you get..
SKU: Cone
MEINL Knee Pad Jingle Tap - KP-JT-BK
KNEE PAD JINGLE TAP The MEINL Knee Pad Jingles Tap is another addition to the big collection of cajon add-ons and drum accessories. It comes with a strap that allows you to attach it to your leg for easy access when playing. It features a small wooden box with jingles. FEATURES Steel jingles Strap with hook and loop fastener to mount..
MEINL Knee Pad Snare Tap - KP-ST-BK
KNEE PAD SNARE TAP The MEINL Knee Pad Snare Tap will bring the snare sound to your set up. The strap helps you secure it to your leg and in minutes you are ready to play. FEATURES Snare effect Strap with hook and loop fastener to mount on your leg   MATERIAL Siam Oak (Hevea brasiliensis Muell.-Arg.) ..
Small rainstick 9cm(3.5") - GRS-9
See a new kind of rain - bright, fascinating, and featuring all the colors of the rainbow! Young children will love the delightful sounds and colors of the Rainmaker as they turn it over and watch the "raindrops" flow from level to level. 9cm (3.5"). Suitable for ages 4+. ..
Sun, Moon, Star Drum package  - J181
Create drum melodies using combinations of the Sun, Moon and Star design heads, or hold the drum the other way and play Small, Medium and Large on the plain skin heads on the reverse. Based upon a spin drum, this three-headed drumset on a cedar stick is a great way for players of all ages to interact and make music together. The DVD guide incl..
SKU: J181
Wazoogle  by Kazoobie - WAZG-1
Combine a Wazoo and bugle and you get a "Wazoogle." It's the coolest and one of the loudest kazoos. This kazoo is perfect for parades and parties. It will make you stand out among all of the kazoo players. Be the first on your block to get The Wazoogle. ..
LP World Beat Wow Earth Bell 5 1/2 - E786
Close and open the thumb hole for "wow-wow" effect. Recycled aluminum. 14 cm long. Price includes ground delivery continental North America on orders over $35.00. ..
SKU: E786
Mexican wood guiro with scraper - E749
Hand made. Popular fishtail design. Produces interesting percussion effects. 35cm long. Comes with scraper. ..
SKU: E749
Wood train whistle - E348
Authentic sounding train whistle, made of wood. 20cm overall length. ..
SKU: E348
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