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Hand-held percussion

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Bamboo Rainstick - 99cm - E2087
Traditional style rainstick made from bamboo with etched design. Most measure 99cm long x 6cm diameter, however these are made from natural bamboo and dimensons may vary slightly. May be played to produce a sound like a torrent or a sprinkle. ..
SKU: E2087
Brazilian Agogo Bells - E2427
The two bells can be clicked together by squeezing the handle and at the same time each bell can be struck separately. Overall length 34 cm; 1 bell 10 cm long, 1 bell 15 cm long.     ..
SKU: E2427
Castanets, two pairs, 9cm x 6cm - E577
Beautifully grained wood, crisp sound. Set includes two pairs. 9cm x 6cm. ..
SKU: E577
Chrome finger cymbals  - E699
Set of four 5cm chrome cymbals with elastic finger straps. ..
SKU: E699
Coconut Kalimba - CK-1
A natural coconut has been used to create this 7-note kalimba with scrollwork soundhole. 14cm diameter, 6cm deep. ..
Djembe Shaker - DJS6
Djembe shaker (approx 5" tall) is made of turned wood with a natural goat skin head and features a traditional Ghanain 'Gye Nyame' design finish. The djembe shaker is similar in shape and design to a caxixi shaker. It fits nicely in the hand and offers a smooth sound, yet is also capable of rolls and crisp snaps. Vary the sound by hold..
EMUS 20cm  hand drum - E1028
Good quality, plywood rim, mylar head. Rim colours may vary. ..
SKU: E1028
EMUS 25cm hand drum - E1030
Good quality, wood rim, mylar head. Rim colours may vary. ..
SKU: E1030
EMUS double tone block - E575
Has two sound chambers with distinct complementary tones. Includes removable handle and mallet. 19 x 19 cm. ..
SKU: E575
EMUS multi-tone tank - E781
Played by running the beater inside the tank. The eight graduated wooden tongues produce a musical effect similar to the sound of water. Complete with beater. Max. height 15.5 cm. ..
SKU: E781
EMUS ratchet  - E581
Constructed of chrome-plated steel, wooden ratchet wheel with crank. Can be hand-held or mounted. 18 cm overall length. ..
SKU: E581
EMUS replacement triangle striker - E686S
Replacement striker for E686/E688. ..
SKU: E686S
EMUS wooden agogos (25cm) - E574
A percussion accessory with two complementary tones grooved to create an additional guiro-like sound. Comes with striker. (25cm) total length. ..
SKU: E574
Gourd Guiro - E2420
Traditional guiro crafted from a natural gourd. Approximately 36cm long and 30cm around. As these are made from a natural product size may vary slightly. ..
SKU: E2420
LP Aspire castanets - E783
10 cm castanets mounted on 15 cm handle. Great sound and quality. ..
SKU: E783
LP Vibra-slap - E565
LATIN PERCUSSION vibraslap. 10 inches long. Tone chamber is adjustable for varied sound. ..
SKU: E565
Mexican hardwood maracas - 20cm long - E740
These professional quality maracas are made from selected hardwoods and come in various colours. Pair. 20 cm. ..
SKU: E740
Mexican hardwood maracas, 27 cm long - E741
These Professional quality Tri-coloured maracas are made from selected hardwoods and are 27 cm long . ..
SKU: E741
Mexican wood guiro with scraper - E749
Hand made. Popular fishtail design. Produces interesting percussion effects. 35cm long. Comes with scraper. ..
SKU: E749
Mini mexican hardwood maracas - E739
These Professional quality mini tri-colour maracas are made from selected hardwoods and sound great. 18 cm long. Pair. ..
SKU: E739
Mini Shekere - E2422
Traditional gourd cabasa with beads on netting. Approx. 15 cm long, As this is a natural product and sizes may vary slightly. ..
SKU: E2422
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