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Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears - Q2751
Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears, A West African Folktale retold with original music by Brian Hiller and Don Dupont. Based on the familiar West African folktale, this dramatic play will wow your audiences and move your students. Created with a grade-level performance in mind, you, your students, and your community will not be able to stop buzzi..
SKU: Q2751
Viva Marimba. Lively arrangements from Latin America - Q1014
by Doug Edwards Join the fiesta! Explore the spirited music of Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, and Bolivia with thes festive arrangements of popular traditional tunes. Perfect for you upper-elementary and middle-school classrooms and marimba/Orff ensembles, the fiery scores are sure to keep your students engaged and your audiences begging..
SKU: Q1014
To Bach and Beyond - Q2566
by Doug Edwards Learning the classics just got a whole lot more fun! Teachers and students will have a blast with To Bach and Beyond, written by master music educator Doug Edwards. The musical arrangements are challenging, but playable by upper level elementary-age students. Lesson suggestions guide the instruction while invitations to adapt the..
SKU: Q2566
The Orff Anthology - Q751024H
Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the American Orff-Schulwerk Assocation. The Orff Anthology. The best Lessons from the Legends of Orff-Schulwerk. Grades K-5 Orff arrangements by Shirley McRae Drum Fun Drums Plus Better Late C Scale Rondo Zero to Sixty in Six Measures Come Again? Little Black Train Rock-a My Soul ..
SKU: Q751024H
The Little Christmas Book - Q7565
The Little Christmas Book. Music for Children's Voices, Orff Instruments, and Recorders by Mary Helen Solomon. This music, appropriate for elementary music classes, is written with the Orff philosophy of music education as its guidng principle. Nine of the thirteen selections are from the traditional and folk music heritage. They, along with the..
SKU: Q7565
That's So Orff! - Q42360
That’s So Orff! offers appealing new lessons for the elementary music classroom by incorporating improvisation, movement, and props. The engaging, easy-to-use activities are designed for experienced music teachers and novices alike. Complete, delightful lessons with a step-by-step process make the pieces accessible for everyone and give students th..
SKU: Q42360
Sound Ideas - Activities for the Percussion Circle - Q585
Sound Ideas - Activities for the Percussion Circle by Goug Goodkin. 85 pages, 35 activities and games for Grades K-8 based upon the principles of Orff-Schulwerk and Dr Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences and his book "Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences". The introduction to the musical playground discusses the the..
SKU: Q585
Songs to Read, Write, Sing and Play - Q647
Songs to Read, Write, Sing and Play by Denise Gagne, with Orff Accompaniments for some songs edited by Judy Sills. 25 reproducible songsheet-worksheets to help your students learn to read and write music using solfege notation. Teaching elementary students to read and write music is a challenge. The lack of materials in this area has prompted..
SKU: Q647
Skins, Sticks, and Bars- Q2634
by Paul Corbière Join composer and veteran music educator Paul Corbière in a musical adventure you won't forget! Using a variety of percussion instruments and global influences, Skins, Sticks, and Bars: Percussion Ensembles for Elementary and Middle School is a collection of original pieces guaranteed to ignite your students' passion for drum, m..
SKU: Q2634
Sing! Play! Move! - Songs and Dances Around the World - Q2317
Sing! Play! Move! Songs and Dances Around the World arranged for Recorder, Autoharp/Guitar and Percussion by David S. Walker. Dance Directions by Beth Crook. 15 pages, 6 songs. Provides experiences for the beginning and intermediate recorder player to play alone, with, and for other students interested in music and dance. The material is arrange..
SKU: Q2317
Sing and Play the Global Way - Q2891
by Mari Schay Sing and Play these songs from around the world and watch as your students' musicianship grows hand-in-hand with their understanding of our worldwide community. Including French, Native American, Indian, Japances, Czech, Spanish, Caribbean, and African songs. This resource is overflowing with ensemble pieces for voices and pitched ..
SKU: Q2891
Rockin' the Radio - Q44551
Rockin' the Radio. Pop Arrangements and Teaching Strategies for Orff Instruments. Rock out to songs like Katy Perry's "Roar," the Beatles' "She Loves You," and Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" with Mari Schay's age-appropriate, skill-building arrangemens for Orff and classroom percussion. Along the way, you'll reinforce rhythmic concepts, note r..
SKU: Q44551
Rockin' Poppin' Mallets - Student Edition 20-Pack - Q9124
Vocals and instrument parts for student use. ..
SKU: Q9124
$42.98 $29.00
Rockin' Poppin' Mallets - Classroom Kit - Q9125
Rockin' Poppin' Mallets - Classroom Kit arranged by Tom Anderson. Included in the Kit: One copy of item Q9123, the 96 page Teacher's Guide with 8 songs, and one set of 20 Student books (item Q9124). Grab your mallets and R.O.C.K. to some pop classics! Easy-to-follow, scripted lesson plans will help you teach the Orff instrument and percussio..
SKU: Q9125
$44.98 $35.98
Rockin' Poppin' Classroom: Teacher Edition - Q140881
  Your students “will rock you” as they play these classic songs in the classroom and beyond! Grab ukuleles, guitars, unpitched percussion, Orff instruments and recorders to play arrangements written for young musicians in Grades 4-8. The Teacher Edition features full scores of eac..
SKU: Q140881
Rhythmic Kinesthetics - Q40096
Spirit of World Drumming - Rhythmic Kinesthetics by Jeff Stewart Fun, Percussion-based Activiites and Games for the Classroom. Grades 1-8 (all levels) DVD included. 100% Reproducible! Rhythmic Kinesthetics presents a series of games and activities incorporating music, movement, and motor skills that help express emotions, build concentration,..
SKU: Q40096
Primary handbook for MALLETS - Q317126
Primary Handbook for Mallets. A beginning Method with Play-Along CD by Garwood Whaley Internationally acclaimed by today's leading teachers, Primary Handbook for Mallets (xylophone, marimba, vibes and bells) is designed for the beginner at any age. This method provides a complete introduction to mallet playing for private lesson or classroom use..
SKU: Q317126
Playing Together: An Introduction to Teaching Orff Instrument Skills - Q79
Playing Together: An Introduction to Teaching Orff Instrument Skills by Jane Frazee. 40 pages. Playing Together is the first book to offer a step-by-step approach to teaching Orff-instrument skills, so students develop secure mallet technique with ease. Skills are introduced in a carefully sequenced presentation of authentic and artistic music l..
SKU: Q79
Play Ball - Q2572
Everyone loves baseball! Bring the love of the game into your music room and your students will thank you. Taken directly from Mark Burrows's classroom experience, Play Ball! is a collection of musical games and activities inspired by baseball. Use the activities as part of a thematic unit or pick and choose your favorites to use throughout the yea..
SKU: Q2572
Orff for Everyone - Mostly Modal - Q2078
by Donna Dirksing. Orff for Everyone, Mostly Modal is a collection of folk song arrangements written for any Orff teacher - from the novice to the most experienced. In addition to each arrangement is a list of objectives and a suggested grade level. Each folk song arrangement also contains a suggested process; some even contain classroom links t..
SKU: Q2078
Orff for Everyone - Happenin' Holidays - Q2445
by Donna Dirksing Orff for Everyone: Happenin' Holidays is a collection of seasonal songs and arrangements that embraces the Orff approach and presents it for everyone, from the novice Orff teacher to the most experienced. Along with each arrangement is a suggested grade level, a list of objectives, and a suggested process. Remember that the ..
SKU: Q2445
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